Friday, September 5, 2008
My First Library Teen Advisory Council Visit

Libraries have come a long way since my childhood days. Now some teens have a voice in the development of the children/teen section of a library. On September 3, courtesy of librarian Karen Reitz, I paid a visit to the Redondo Beach Public Library's Teen Advisory Council. I was so impressed by the intelligence, commitment, and openness of their members, who range from seventh grade to twelfth. Contact your local library and see if they have a Teen Advisory Council. If not, help to start one!
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Happy Birthday to You, Paso Robles City Library

Paso Robles City Library celebrates its 100th year anniversary this year, and I was honored to be a part of their festivities in August.

One of the first young people to greet me was Carla, who presented me with her origami T-Rex! Awesome. Consider yourself entered in our 1001 CRANE contest, Carla.

I did a presentation on 1001 CRANES, complete with origami crane folding instructions. I also was able to pay a visit to the Library Study Center, just north of the main library.

Special thanks to librarian Karen Christiansen and her son Alex, who poses here with his origami creation.
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Reunited, After All These Years

I spent a few days this past summer playing L.A. tour guide, driver, and interpreter. One of my highlights was to see Shinichi Yokoi, a Hiroshima man, meet a woman who had faithfully sent him gifts and letter while he spent his early years in an orphanage in Japan after World War II. The woman, Louise Lovinger, is 103 years old. She had saved all his childhood drawings and letters and mailed them back to him recently. They were able to finally meet face to face this summer. Oh, the kindness of strangers--never forgotten, even 50 years later.
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