FRIDAY FINDS: 1916 Photo Book of Southern California

FRIDAY FINDS: NANKASHU NIHONJIN (History of the Japanese in Southern California–in pictures), 1916. This is an amazing resource of farms throughout Southern California. Images from this book have been featured in my book on the Southern California Flower Market and I’ve recently referred to it for early photos of Glendale.

The page posted below features two farms in Glendale, West First Street. Some of the earliest Japanese farms were in Glendale, Tropico and Burbank from 1899. In 1904, 29 Japanese farmers leased 155 1/2 acres in the area.


FRIDAY FINDS: East First Street, Little Tokyo

I’ll be posting various images from my historic book collection. First up will be Little Tokyo street photos in the 1939-1940 Rafu Shimpo Yearbook. These are of East First Street, from 367 to 353.

First row, right to left: Union S.S. Transfer Co., 367 E. First St.; Ikeda Beauty Shop(pe), 365 E. First St.; Muramatsu Watch, 357 E. First St.; and Ebisu Cafe, 353 E. First St.

(There are a few businesses that are not identified.)

You can Google the addresses to see what is standing today. This is part of First Street North from the storefronts next to the Go for Broke Educational Foundation, the former Nishi Hongwanji Temple. Far East Lounge is in the Ebisu Cafe location. If you are in Little Tokyo, please take a corresponding photo and post in the comments.