My Upcoming Year of the Three Cs

I’m already anticipating 2020 as my year of the three Cs: cultivation, creativity and contemplation.

Other than being a part of a short story anthology, I won’t have any new books published. Although I’ll still be attending three mystery conventions–two in my home state of California, I won’t be on that hamster wheel of a self-financed book tour. Both my husband and dog will be very happy.

I’ll be spending a big chunk of my time at the living room table, typing away on my laptop, traveling in my mind to 1944 Chicago and contemporary Kaua’i. And while I look forward to deep and sustained times of story cultivation, I know that I also need to be careful not to get into trouble on various social media platforms, the freelance writer’s water cooler. Here’s where the contemplation comes in.

It doesn’t surprise me that mindfulness and meditation have been incorporated in many writer retreats and even healthcare programs. We’re not going to last long relying only on our limited physical bodies to carry us through these uncertain times. So I’m going to attempt to let go more, even perhaps release my identity as writer. I’ll still be writing but I’m going to check my motivations for my actions more. I want to get used to being on the sidelines, listening and observing.


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