How to Find an Agent

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How to Find an Agent (updated June 2019)

HOT TIP: Find 10 recent books that are similar (but not exactly like yours) and identify who the author’s agent is.


  • Look at a book’s acknowledgments.
  • Google author’s name and “agent.”
  • Look up Publishers Weekly reviews on (Barnes and Noble) or Google author’s name and “Publishers Weekly” and “review.”
  • Publishers Marketplace now have to subscribe to receive deal details.)

Find the latest information as many authors change their literary representation.

Publishers Lunch (free)


Bookends’ Jessica Faust on bad literary agents:

Once you’ve identified a potential agent, do your due diligence.

  • Research on querytracker (, Absolute Write Water Cooler, and Writer Beware.
  • Subscribe to Publishers Marketplace (or find someone who does) and pull up that agent’s deals over the past year.
  • Find the agent’s list of clients and find a fellow writer who is either on that list or knows someone on that list and get feedback.

Authors Guild’s advice on agency clauses and agency agreements:


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