Don’t Malign Yourself or Your Writing Gift

I’m close to the finish line on my historical standalone. Through this whole process of writing it, I’ve come to appreciate the mystery genre even more. That plot is not anything to be ashamed of. That movement through a narrative can be beautiful. Embrace your strengths, whatever they are. Writers can get so self-critical and yet I don’t see that kind of self-denegration helpful, at least for me.

Self-love is a term that used so often and sometimes carelessly that I think that it has lost all meaning. Instead, I’ll say don’t malign yourself or your writing ability. Be realistic and clear-headed about your weaknesses, always open to improvement, but on the other side, don’t malign yourself or your writing gift. Because creativity is indeed a gift, and many times we don’t like the wrapping that the gift comes in. We want someone else’s gift that seems grander and more sophisticated. Accept what has been given and roll with it. I’m now traveling downhill with my narrative and I have to say that I’m enjoying the ride.

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