Kindle as Manuscript Reader

However you may feel about Amazon and the Kindle, I have to say that it’s a good device. Jeff Bezos wanted an electronic reader that a grandmother could easily use and he achieved his goals. Now that more people are reading off of their phones and iPad, I wonder if sales of the Kindle are going down.

I mostly use my Kindle to read ebooks I’ve checked out at the library as well as to check on different drafts of my manuscript-in-progress. Some may not know that your Kindle has an assigned e-mail address. (Just go to your account on Amazon and click on the Device tab.) I e-mail documents, both Microsoft Word and even pdfs, to my Kindle all the time. I like the fact that I’m not using up printer toner and paper to produce the latest copies of my work. And with the highlighted and tab feature of the Kindle, I keep track of the changes that I need to make.

And since my Kindle is synched to my Kindle app on my phone, I can also read my manuscript when in line at the post office, etc. With this feature and my synched Evernote app, I’m never that far away from what I am writing.



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