Historical Fiction:

Clark and Division (2021)
Evergreen (2023)

Leila Santiago Series:

Iced in Paradise (2019)
An Eternal Lei (2022)

Mas Arai Series:

Summer of the Big Bachi (2004)
Gasa-Gasa Girl (2005)
Snakeskin Shamisen (2006)
Blood Hina (2010)
Strawberry Yellow (2013)
Sayonara Slam (2016)
Hiroshima Boy (2018)

Officer Ellie Rush Mystery Series:

Murder on Bamboo Lane (2014)
Grave on Grand Avenue (2015)


Green Makers: Japanese American Gardeners in Southern California (2000)
An American Son: The Story of George Aratani, Founder of Mikasa and Kenwood (2001)
Distinguished Asian American Business Leaders (2003)
A Taste For Strawberries: The Independent Journey of Nisei Farmer Manabi Hirasaki (2003), with Manabi Hirasaki
Silent Scars of Healing Hands: Oral Histories of Japanese American Doctors in World War II Detention Camps (2004), with Gwenn M. Jensen
A Scent of Flowers: The History of the Southern California Flower Market 1912-2004 (2004)
Life After Manzanar (2018), with Heather C. Lindquist
We Are Here: 30 Inspiring Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Who Have Shaped the United States (2022), illustrated by Illianette Ferandez
Terminal Island: Lost Communities on America’s Edge (2015; republished 2024), with Geraldine Knatz
A Child’s Introduction to Asian American and Pacific Islander History (2024), illustrated by Sarah Demonteverde

YA Fiction:

1001 Cranes (2008)